Friday, August 28, 2020

Father Ted


The Irish Post Office An Post has issued a set of four stamps featuring the much loved TV comedy series Father Ted. This is to celebrate 25 years since its first airing.

The set comprises four stamps, all feature one-liners from the show.

Each stamp also features retro wallpaper as a background, each reflecting a fdifferent room in the parochial house.

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Australian Antarctic Territory

Polar philately is a fascinating field and the stamps featuring Antactica are particularly attractive. There are, or have been, four issuing authorities for Antarctic stamps; the UK (British Antarctic Territory), Australia (Australian Antarctic Territory, New Zealand (Ross Dependency) and France (French Southern and Antarctic Territories).

The Australian Antarctic Territory has been issuing stamps since 1957. All stamps feature Antarctica, its scenery, science, wildlife and history. AAT has a very conservative issuing policy, one set a year is normal! You could quite easily complete an AAT collection, no regular stamps are catalogued over about £20. Once you have the complete collection mint and used why not try hunting down some covers actually used in Antarctica?

AAT stamps are valid for use in Australia, so most used examples have Australian postmarks. They do provide a contrast in content to the hot, dusty stamps issued by the mainland!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Birds on stamps

The most popular theme for thematic collectors is birds, and it's easy to see why! Many thousands of stamps featuring birds have been issued since 1845 (one of the famous Basel 'Doves' sold a few years ago for many thousands of pounds and people were shocked as it was for a thematic collection!)

The range of stamps featuring birds is so vast that many collectors narrow their collection to specialise in ducks, birds of prey, penguins etc etc.

The UK has just issued a superb set of 10 first class stamps featuring owls. Perhaps now is the time to start collecting these issues?

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Over the last few years I've built up quite a stock of Germany and at last I've got round to the huge task of listing it on the website!

Probably out of all the European countries Germany has the most varied and interesting history, and this is reflected really well in the stamps. Through the issues of the pre 1870 states, through the unified issues and on to the Nazi era, followed by the partition following World War Two, occupations (both by and of Germany), colonies and issues for areas like Memel, Danzig, Saar and Berlin, there is enough to keep any collector busy for a lifetime.

Germany for sale here.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Latest addition to the growing range of Stamp Thing Facebook groups is for Belgium and Colonies. I am currently adding an excellent collection of Belgium to the website, mainly used and mounted mint but including some unmounted mint items especially miniature sheets.

Many Belgian stamps can still be purchased at reasonable prices and building a collection is fairly easy. The colonies add another dimension to collecting Belgian material, the stamps of Belgium itself often referencing its colonial heritage.